Pressees & Lifting frames


Since 1996, we have already built and put into operation 36 presses with a closing force of accumulated 37,000 tons for our customers. Our portfolio ranges from relatively small tryouts to 4,000 tons production presses.


On the following pages you will get a little more insight into this product are and detailed information on all the technologies used by us so far:

  • Internal high pressure forming (IHU)
  • Hot forming
  • External high pressure forming (AHU)
  • Air supported forming (LGU)
  • Lifters/ tryout presses


Key data of previous projects

  • Clamping force up to max. 4.000 tons
  • Tappet force up to max. 1.000 to
  • Plate holding force up to max. 800 to
  • Water pressure up to max.  3,000 bar
  • Table Dimensions 3500x1300 mm


Advantages compared to conventional presses

  • no ram tipping possible
  • exact position of punch and tool
  • accuarate reproducibility
  • plate-holding forces corresponding to the component, adjusted on a point-by-point basis
  • no tranverse forces to the pess guides
  • favorable price/ performance ratio

Pressing tools

We advise you on the process-appropriate design of your forming parts and create a tool concept. Depending on customer requirements, we can also implement this ourselves. This enables machinery and tools from a single source for you.