Production Lines & Automation



We offer both individual automation stages as well as complete production lines. The spectrum ranges from raw material supply via chained processes such as lubrication, preforming, IHU with or without integrated perforations, sawing, punching, robot drilling to washing and stacking. All stations connected by robots with handling technologies and transfer units.


Matching to our presses and manufacturing lines, we offer the appropriate automation. Beginning with tool and handling logistics, parts cleaning, loading and unloading as well as stacking.


Wherever a catalogue solution is not enough, we are right there.

Robot handling systems


are the link between robot and component. Our handlings are individually designed and manufactured to meet your requirements regarding temperature, contamination, accuracy, speed and holding force.

Stamping technology


Especially in the case of formed pipes or multi-chamber profiles, a precise punching cut represents a challenge. We have proven that this is possible, sometimes even without depositing the component from the robot. Please contact us for more details on this approach.



In our automation lines, we tailormade your tasks. Components are fully automated drilled, sawn or milled in stations.

Measuring and testing devices

can be fully integrated into the production line or as well built as a manually operated single device. The measuring and testing possibilities range from simple  hole and outer surface inspection by pins and shells to the integration of optical  measuring systems.

Clamping and mounting fixtures

determine the correct and repeatable position of components for following automatic processes such as welding, lasercutting and testing for example.

Test bench technology

We have already implemented several test benches for different components such as shock absorbers and gearboxes.

Important features for a good test bench are:


  • long durability of the machine, especially when used for endurance runs
  • optimal acoustic insulation
  • automatic registration of measurement  values
  • space-saving design
  • easy to maintain


Mounting devices

Ergonomics and cycle time optimization are just some of the terms that are achieved by our assembly devices.